Vista says Express is write-protected

I’m unable to delete files from my Sansa Express; Vista tells me the “storage is write-protected”.  I believe the problem is that I put the files onto the Express using my XP computer, and now I’m on my Vista computer.  I’ve read suggestions that I format the drive, but that’s not a practical solution considering I will be running into this problem every time I want to delete a file that happened to be added from my other computer.

The Properties screen for my Sansa Express drive doesn’t present me with any options.  I have a “Take Ownership” hack installed in my context menu, but it doesn’t appear in the Sansa Express context menu.

Any suggestions for getting around Vista’s buffoonery?

Nobody else has experienced this problem?

O Yeah, I copied mp3s from an old CD I burnt once and those files are now writeprotected on the SansaExpress and I can’t delete or move them or edit their filenames…

So I pulled out good ol’ total commander and changed the fileattributes on the files…

to no avail…

they’re still stuck as before…

When I copy files from the sansa to NTFS they are writeprotected and can be deleted and have their writeprotection removed.

So how do I unflag write protection on the sansa express filesystem?

k did the following

devicemgr - sansa express - update devicedriver - choose myself - pick from list - usb mass storage device -> my internal mem and 2gb sd card shows up as two volumes w driveletters

I can now edit the sd card just fine but Im getting lots of popups for formatting my internal mem

I rightclick the volume and choose open as portable device (vista business)

I can now edit the files and folders nicely, prob solved, but I have to go back to original drivers to not have the trouble with the internal memory it seems.

cheers ppl