How do I remove a write-protected folder?

I keep my albums in folders, which I hadn’t realized were read-only when I put them on my Sansa Express. Now when I try to delete the folders, my computer tells me first that they’re read-only, then it tells me that the storage is write-protected. “Please remove the write-protection and try again.” I can delete the mp3’s in the folders, but not the folders.

When I right click on them, go to properties, it won’t let me change the read-only attribute. I’m running Windows XP and not very knowledgable about computers. How do I get rid of the folders? I read a mention of formatting the device. How do I do that?

I did that once.  I had to format the player to get rid of it…

You can format by using the player’s Format option in the Settings menu.

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Thank you! I didn’t see a settings menu, but I right clicked on the “Internal Memory” icon and found “Format…” there. I have no particular love of Windows, but I do like that right click thing. Have a great weekend.:womanmad::womanmad::womanmad:

the ‘settings’ is in the player :slight_smile: