re format???

When I got my Sansa Clip I got some free downloads used approx 10 and the rest is off my cd’s, I cancelled the service and now my sansa wont sync my songs from my computer it keeps looking for the alternate source to sync, how can I just erase all and start over direct from my computer???

I’m not sure I understand your situation, but did you try reformatting your Clip from its Settings?  Note:  this will erase all the content on your Clip (if you want to keep it, try transferring a copy of the content to your computer first).

You can format from the Clip’s menu. Go to Settings>Format.

I don’t believe it’s anything to do with the clip. It sounds like the software he is using to sync the device is looking for something. If he intends to not use subscription services do the same as the rest of us. Save all the loaded music (I bet he’s using MTP mode), anyway, save the music in whatever mode the device is in, format and use MSC mode with drag 'n drop and live happily ever after.

You were absolutely correct!  Thank you for the input, very very helpful