i dont know what to do

i plugged in my sansa clip and it says connected, but it wont show up on my computer, what should i do

  1. Do a format (on Settings menu), then look at the USB mode (also on Settings menu) and make sure it’s set to MSC, then try again.

  2. Try different USB ports on your PC.

  3. Try another PC.

If you get it working after step 1, and you plan to put subscription music on your Clip, go back to the USB mode screen and change it to MTP.

lol, wheres the settings menu

jashby2011 wrote:
lol, wheres the settings menu

I’m guessing that either (1) you’re joking, (2) you can’t get to any menu on your Clip, or (3) you’re too lazy to press the buttons on your Clip and find it.  :wink:

or 4) too dumb to RTFM