New format wanted!

Let me explain that…Is there any way to get rid of all the default junk and folders in Sansa Clip? Things like Audiobooks, Podcasts etc. All I want to be able to do is load up a couple of folders, each with diffrent kinds of music in them. Also is there any cool playlist software out there that will take the place of the default. I actually found a shareware program called Sansa Playlist Creator that I thought would help, but it didn’t do much.

Not sure I understand, but if you’re in MSC mode you can mount the player as a normal hard drive and delete whatever folders you want off of it.

Your Subject line is very mis-leading.

The extra folders (Audiobooks, Podcasts, Recordings, etc.) aren’t doing anything or taking up major space, so if you don’t use them, just ignore them.

Do you have the original Clip or the newer Clip+? With the Clip+, you can create your own folders with whatever music you want, but you have to remember you will have to use Folder navigation (at the bottom of the Music menu) to see & play them this way. The player sorts and displays by ID3 tag otherwise.

If you have the older Clip, Folder navigation was never added to this player, so everything is tag-driven and displayed. You’ll have to edit (or create) your tags.

There are several playlist-creation software programs out there and several media players (like Winamp and Media Monkey) that will do it too. You just have to find the one you like best.

Yea sorry, I probably did not explain things well. I did check and I’m currently in auto mode, but I’m not really sure what the other modes stand for or do, but your saying if I’m in the MSC mode that I can wipe everything clean and just load the songs the way I want to? (or something like that?

Yes sorry about the subject line. All I’m trying to do is load my songs in the most organized way possible and no I do not have the Clip + just the regular clip, so I know now I can’t do anything about the folders unless I do this MSC thing. Also I have messed with loading the songs with MediaMonkey and I’m going to play around with Winamp too. Also what is the deal with the tags? I usually clean up my MP3’s tags in Media Monkey, but sometimes in the Sansa Clip they still display all kinds of other information. Finally, right after I posted this, I found a web page for some open source firmware that appears to offer more customization. It’s called Rockbox, and it does support Sansa Clip and many others. I haven’t messed with it yet, but when I do and I don’t like it, I’ll just reload the Sansa firmware.

I just drag and drop, using Windows Explorer, copies of my computer’s folders containing my music (typically, 1 ripped CD per folder) onto my Clip/Clip+, and play away. No mess, no fuss. I generally put my folders containing my music under the Clip’s pre-established Music folder, podcasts into the Podcasts folder, etc.–it helps keep things organized. But I don’t always do this: I just noticed that I didn’t put the music on my Clip+'s microSD card into the Music folder, but simply dropped the folders into the root level of the card–no issue.

Also, as to MSC mode: it’s simply one of the 2 USB file transfer protocols that the Clips will use (the other being MTP mode). MSC mode is the “good old standard,” in which your Clip simply looks to your computer like an external drive. Many of us set the Clip to MSC mode because, well, it just tends to work glitch-free, without any care and feeding, going back to the Windows XP and earlier. In contrast, the MTP USB mode requires a driver (that comes as part of Windows Media Player 10 and above; if WMP is installed, you have it), and can sometimes cause glitches. However, MTP mode is needed for DRM’ed files. Your issues may be caused by MTP mode–you might just want to set to MSC mode, under the Clip’s Settings (it’s just a click to do–nothing complicated). At any rate, recommended that you avoid “Auto” USB mode, in which the player will use either MTP mode (the default) or MSC mode, depending on the computer–this, however, can confuse matters.