Folder Names and Song tags

Hi I have a 8gb sansa clip plus with the latest firmware update but I got 2 problems.

  1. In my external card the folder names that I create change to some random stuff by itself. I have read that it could be solved by switching from MTD mode to MSC mode and I have read the procedure on the websites support part. However, When i right click on my sansa disk do not get a main menu option, I only get properties which just shows the size of the disks

  2. How can I change name/album/artist tags of songs already uploaded to Thanks

PS: Windows 7

You’ll most likely have to delete the content from the player. Formatting (using the player’s Format option in Settings > System Settings) is the quickest and easiest way to do this.

Then change your player’s USB setting (also in Settings > System Settings > USB Mode) to MSC. Now re-transfer the files over to your player.

This is yet another reason not to use MTP mode, unless you really need to because of DRM or subscription-type files. MSC mode makes your player look to your computer as any other flash-based memory storage unit (like a thumb drive or external hard drive) instead of media player that must be “managed” with MTP mode.

Thanks for the reply but the problem is that there are no “Settings”, there is only “Properties” which shows disk size :(. Whenever I right click on my sansa clip there is only properties. So I cant for the life of me figure out how to switch to MSC. Is the “Settings” somewhere else?

The “Settings” I was referring to is on the player, not on your computer. Disconnect from your computer; Settings is one of the Main Menu items.

Ah thanks alot. It is not easy being technologically challanged in this day and age.

So I switched to MSC, now will my folder names will stick as they are?

Hopefully, so.  MSC mode is more user-friendly.