RAW SanDisk USB flash drive

Yesterday, I used my SanDisk USB flash drive on the computer of my friend for transferring some self-made videos. There was nothing strange or abnormal. But, when I plunged this USB flash drive back to my computer, it became weird. I just cannot access any files stored there and its file system also was turned into RAW. Is there some solution for me to access the files insider this USB flash drive? Or I should format this USB flash drive to fix it? I need your help! Thank you!

Did you use Windows Safely Remove function to extract the flash drive on your friends machine?

If you can’t run chkdsk for the flash drive then reformating may be your only option.

Have you tried this USB flash drive on another computer? Get the same RAW problem?

If so, your USB flash drive may get some problem. For your files there, you’d better not follow the error message suggestion to format it.

You’d better firstly check whether all your drive is recoverable. You can take chances with some data recovery tools like:


Or http://sd-card-raw.blogspot.com/2013/11/recover-data-from-raw-sd-card.html

No matter what happens, always act carefully in case of data loss.

Of course, also back up important data well.

Say Eugene343, how much does the Download cost ($$) that is shown in this image?


You know, the one you have to Download and install to actually Recover the file you’ve selected.

This can also be infected with a Virus or malware. try a scan first for both then you can format it if that’s an option for you.