USB flash drive in RAW


I bought a new 32gb pen drive, and during the format my windows restarted to install new updates, since then the flash wouldn’t work, it says the flash in raw and (windows was not able to complete the format), I tried to recover the (FAT32 file system) using (MiniTool Power Data Recovery 7.0, ZAR and different apps but they found no thing, I want to know how to install or upload a new file system, and whether it’s going to work or the flash is broken and cann’t be repair

if it is showing as raw the partition seems to be corrupted. You can try using the diskpart -clean command and remove all partitions. Once that is done you can use disk management to create a new partition and then format the drive. 

USB flash drive in RAW is possible for structural damage and cable problems in the file system. The usual way to repair USB RAW partitions is to use NTFS / FAT and Property. If you can’t fix it, there is only one way to recover RAW driver. You have to do this with some data recovery tools, such as anyrecover.