Questions about playlists

I just got a Sansa Connect and had some questions about creating playlists. It’s pretty obvious why they can only be created on the computer through Yahoo! Music Jukebox but is there a way to add songs when creating a playlist that are on the Sansa, for example if you “Zing” a song off Launchcast Radio without manually getting them through the Jukebox and then adding them to the playlist? Am I missing somethig, is there an easy way to do this?

Also, if you have the same song on multiple playlists and upload them, or its already on the player it adds the same song to the player multiple times. Is there a way around this? It’s a waste of limited memory and a pain to clean up manually.

Finally,  can you use the microSD card for anything other than photos and  songs you ripped off of CDs? When I try to copy Y! Unlimted music on to it, it says it is not a supported device. Also, is there a way to incorporate music on the card into a playlist?

I would appreciate any suggestions. If there isn’t solutions for these issues, I hope someone from SanDIsk is reading these posts and would consider adding them to suggestions for improvements to the software. They would make a very slick player a whole lot better (in my view).

Interesting observations on what can be done with the music downloaded via WiFi. As you pointed out, these WiFi downloads cannot be added to playlists. You will note they also cannot be copied back to your music library in Yahoo! Music Jukebox also.  Some insight into function of the WiFi download might help understand.

Songs downloaded via Yahoo! Music Jukebox are saved in a folder labelled ‘Music’. Songs downloaded via WiFi are saved in a folder labelled ‘Music (downloaded over WiFi)’. It seems the interface with YMJ doesn’t fully integrate these folders to recognize what is in the WiFi download folder. Thus you can’t add songs from the WiFi downloads into playlists…and…if you make a playlist with same songs this results in the song being copied into the ‘Music’ folder even if it exists in the ‘WiFi’ folder."

I haven’t tested what would happen if you downloaded the playlists via WiFi yet.

The microSD card slot current capability of the Connect is limited to reading JPEG and PNG files. Currently you need to put these files on the card using a separate reader. A firmware update will be released in fall of 2007 which will provide read/write capability for photo, video and music files on the microSD. This firmware will also provide microSDHC compatability.