Adding playlists to External SD card~shows 0 songs for playlist on menu

When I add a playlist to the SD card from Yahoo the songs are downloaded ok and the playlist shows up on the menu but it shows 0 songs on the playlist.  When I download a player to main memory it works fine.  What’s the workaround for this?

Bhuddle, how exactly are you adding the playlists to your microSD card?  Are you using YMJ, windows explorer, etc?  Also, when you check the song count, do you navigate to “Music Library>Playlists and Mixlists”?


I am adding them using Yahoo Music by dragging and dropping the playlist on the External icon.  I tried originally dropping the playlist on the main icon thinking that it would automatically fill the external memory when the main was full but no such luck.

SanDisk notes the info reported for the microSD card does not show anything.

There is no current workaround.


Where are you checking for the song count?  As Greig mentioned, there is a known issue with the device reporting its contents on the Sansa Connect.  This is when you navigate to “home>settings>info>microSD”.  Is this the same place you are looking?