Question on hardware revisions

Well, my trusty 2gb Clip just gave up the ghost, dropped one too many times.  So I’m looking to get a new mp3 player and noticed that the Clip has had a hw revision.  Can anyone give a quick rundown on what, if anything, is functionally different?  I did a quick scan of the forums and didn’t find anything useful, apologies if this has been addressed already.

The Clip had a hardware revision recently, a change in production.  The revision 1 and 2 clips will function identically.  SanDisk has modified the firmware for the revised device.  When updating the firmware, the only difference is that there are now two firmware versions for the respective device.

If you use the Sansa Firmware Updater, it will automatically load the correct version.

Please note that it’s a production change, not affecting functionality.  As individual components are changed, the firmware provides the correct parameters for the device to function as designed.  If your new device is a rev. 1 or rev. 2, it will function identically.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:


On newegg, a search for ‘Sansa Clip 4 GB’ gives me two results. One is model number SDMX11R-4096S-A70 and the other is model number SDMX11R-004GS-A57. Does anyone have any insight as to which model is the hardware revision 2?