Revision 1 ?!?! Revision 2 ?!?!

What is the issue with the Revision 1 and Revision 2 ???

What is the difference ??? Why ??? Can I move from one Revision to another ???

(I’m using the Revision 1 ).

The notes at the top of the updates tell you how to check which version your HW needs.

Can’t move between versions.

Sansa could have done a much better job of describing this new firmware update process related to the new fact of two HW versions rather than throwing it out like we should have all known what was going on.

Probably, the Rev.2 devices are just flowing from the warehouse.  The difference is important to note, in order to load the correct firmware.

Note that it’s a hardware revision, and not a total version change, requiring a different firmware.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:

i tried putting the 2.x firmware on my 1.x clip and it just didn’t work. so there’s no real danger when applying different firmware… it just doesn’t recognize it as valid firmware file and deletes it… so if one doesn’t work, try the other… :slight_smile: