Sansa Clip V2 Hardware

I bought a 4 GB Clip on Nov 15, 2008 for use in the gym and to my surprise found that it was running V1 firmware.  I would like an explanation regarding the difference between the V1 and V2 hardware versions of the Clip.  If the V2 has better audio and case construction, I will return the V1 and buy a V2, probably the 8GB version since it is now available.

I own a Fuze and am very satisfied with the sound quality.  I would also like to know which version of the Clip uses the same sound chip hardware as the Fuze.

These are both great products.  I would like to make sure that I am getting the best available version of the Clip.

They will perform identically.  The Revision 2 designation should not be confused with the “v2” differences (version 2) as in the e200 series.  It’s a hardware revision related to the 8GB Clip only, necessitating a firmware difference.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Thanks, looks like the 4 GB Clip is a great deal since you can pick it up for ~$70 !! 

There is so much commentary regarding the V1 vs V2 in the E series that the version 1 vs version 2 Clip firmware raised a flag.  It does make me wonder why the 8GB Clip uses different firmware. 

Does anyone out there know the specifics of why the 8GB Clip uses different firmware than the 1/2/4GB Clip? :dizzy_face:

The ‘Revison 2’ hardware is not just limited to the newly released 8GB Clip. They have been around for a while. That is why Sandisk released 2 different firmware updates the first part of October (this year).

You can read through the sticky (shaded) posts for each at the top of the Clip board to find out the differences.