1GB and 2GB Clip Firmware: Is it different?


I just picked up an new, but older, unused 2GB Clip. Upon plug-in, it auto-updated the Firmware from V1.01.11 to V1.01.30A. I didn’t have to go to the updater. It just went there automatically. This surprised me.

Anyway, is  V1.01.30A the latest and greatest Firmware for the 2GB Clip?

Also, the model # for the 2GB Clip is: BE0710AFIK. I find no mention of this model number anywhere. I wonder why that is?

(I’m confused because I recently updated a 1GB and the firmware was V2.01.16A).

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the sansa firmware updater will automatically check for updates every time the sansa is connected.

there are 2 different hardware revisions for the clip. this is only a hardware revision so all the functionality is the same.

1.01.30A is the latest firmware for the v1 clip. 2.01.16A is the latest for the v2 clip.

The number on the bottom of my 2GB Clip is: BE0710AFIK. I find no mention of this number anywhere. Is it a model #, serial # or what?

that is a product code used by sandisk for internal tracking.

The unique serial number is digitally stored.  If you connect the Clip in MTP mode, right click on the Sansa, and select Properties.

The serial number is the first 16 digits of the resulting 32 digit string.

Note that the battery status is also visible in this mode.

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