Question about the new firmware and future updating

I’m hoping one of the Sansa moderators or experts can answer this.

I’ve not yet updated to the new firmware.

I’ve been hearing a lot about the loss of the switchable USB option in the latest firmware upgrade.  The only thing that concerns me about this is that the Sansa Updater program does not seem to trigger unless the device is connected in MSC mode.  There is no “shortcut” or “execute” function for it.  Actually, there is one, but if you try to use it, it tells you “Sansa updater can only be launched by Sansa service!”  And this happens only in MSC mode (at least in my experience - the new update has been out for a couple of weeks.  I’ve only connected in MTP mode and it’s done nothing)!  If we lose that mode and the device stays in Auto Detect, how will the Updater trigger to look for new updates in the future? 

Good idea…I’d like to know that too…MAYBE…you know,with new firmware, it’s possible to use your player like in MTP and MSC mode withouth switching in USB option.It’s like the new hybrid mode. So the updater can update the firmware.

well, my question is a moot point now due to the EDITED “Latest firmware update” posting from sansamonster:

ATTN: SanDisk has reverted back the firmware to 1.01.00 (as of 9/2/07)

Message Edited by sansamonsta on 09-02-2007 06:37 PM

To the Moderators,

As this question is now moot, you may lock this thread.


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