Question about creating/loading playlists


New Clip+ owner here, so far I love it. One question though, first some background:

I originally loaded a bunch of music through Windows Explorer, just dragged and dropped files into the Music directory. I then used Windows Media Player to create a playlist and sync the playlist to the Clip+. It appears to have also loaded duplicates of most of my music, now in folders based on album/artist info that WMP has discerned from the id3 tags, presumably. The original files I put in the root of the Music folder are still there.

So now the question: Is there a way to sync a playlist (particularly when all the songs I want are already on the player) without having WMP (or some other 3rd party piece of software) do what it did with my music? Or, is there a way to write & load a playlist while selecting the files on the player, and not on the OS? Again, I am open to using software other than WMP to do this, and infact, really only bothered with WMP to write the playlist. I’d just assume load files with the drag & drop method otherwise.

Thank you in advance for any help you may have to offer.

Playlist creation using Winamp