query Regarding Format Issue

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i am facing a problem that :

i am trying to format CF disk of SanDisk (i.e. SanDisk pro)  by command “format e:/fs:ntfs” but it did not format and says : " first NTFS boot sector is unwriteable" and then format failed. but when i write “format e:/fs:FAT32” it format successfully.

similar thing when i do for another CF disk (i.e. SanDisk iii) by command “format e:/fs:ntfs”  it format successfully.

my query is that why windows Xpe not able to format my 1st disk through NTFS file system ?
is there any feature or file that do this formatting operation for particular NTFS or FAT32 ?
is there any disk limitation or compatibility issue ?

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Well, for that WinXP, can format NTFS to removable disk, before, need to do a “trick”, very simple.

1-   In Start / My Computer_,_ in the icon of your Compact Flash card, right click and then left click on: Properties / Hardware, then select your Compact Flash card, and down, click on the “Properties” button.

In the menu that appears, choose the “Directives” tab, and mark the item: “Optimize for performance”.

Ready, you can already give NTFS format to your card, directly or by command.

When finished, remenber reverse the process , ie, back to mark “Optimize for quick removal”.

2-   Well, more fast and simple, is to use the tool (portable app, free): USB Flash Format (HP) 2.23, http://filecloud.io/6az3c7kg

Enjoy, and then you tell us, what happened, please.

Regards, Alfred.                                                             (Google translated)


Yes, i have gone from this but these both  are  “Optimize for performance”  “Optimize for quick removal” are disabled .

and i have not any other option except through windows, so i need to format only through windows Xpe.

Additionally, I think it would be best if you choose NTFS so you wouldn’t have issues in the future. Or possibly just minimal.

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[ …so i need to format only through windows Xp. ]

Sarfaraz, helped him for format, in WinXP, the CF card the recommended app?

The tool (portable app, free): USB Flash Format (HP) 2.23, http://filecloud.io/6az3c7kg


Regards, Alfred.                                                                                        (Google translated)