Putting music on m240

I keep trying to put music on my m240 and it goes through the steps and says it is on the player, but the player keeps saying No Files, but when I plug it into the computer, it shows the files, and when I look at the player as a removable disc thing by going to My Computer, it shows the files also. Any suggestions?


I am having the same issure on my m250.  I transfered files from PC to the device
and the PC (windows explorer) show as being on the device when it is connected,
but when I disconnect the player it reports “No Files”.  However, I did find
them under recordings.  Not sure what they are doing there or what should be done

Mine do not even appear under recordings, the only thing the player says is no files.

Out of the box, my M250 showed (under Windows explorer after connecting to PC) a file structure of:
The only place I could copy files to was the RECORD directory.

I went ahead and used windows Media Player to “sync” a song to the device and device now looks like this:
with some sub folders.  I moved all the songs from RECORD to Music and now the device shows them under

I’m sure you could just create a Music directory under TCNAND0 manually instead of using Media Player and put
your files there.  Hope this works for you…

My m240 has 2 folders, Data and Media with another folder Recorded under the Media folder and I can’t create additional folders via my computer. I can drag and drop music files to any of these folders but which is the correct one to use? Apparently the player creates it’s own library as you add files but how do you tag files so that they can be structured properly?

Thanks - Croc