Protective covering for USB port

I use my Sansa Clip outdoors running … I have purchased a silicone sleeve to help protect my device from perspiration … but the USB port is open to the elements … Creative Lab products have a silicone cap/plug that fit in this port very nicely … Please add this moisture cap protection to your sleeve accessories

I second that call!!!

One caveat, though, as a (sometimes former) Creative owner:  typically the USB “cover” is very gingerly attached to the player or some kind of skin/wrapper.  I haven’t experienced this firsthand, but find it very easy to imagine that these little bits break off and disappear…


I have a Creative Zen Nano Plus (1GB version of the Nano).  It’s USB covering is silicone and very flexible.  I can’t see how it breaks off unless I rip at it with some force.  I’ve had the player over a year and the port cover is still as good as new.  I hope my new 8GB Clip is as robustly built as the Nano is.

Sorry to report otherwise, but the USB cover on my wife’s Zen Nano Plus is just barely hanging on.  Battery cover has already failed. 

Of course, I could be married to a giant hairy ape who treats her media players with no respect…:dizzy_face:  (Thought I’d say that in the spirit of Rodney Dangerfield and save everyone else the trouble…)


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