cover for USB port on Clip Plus

anyone know if there are covers or plugs out there for the type of usb port that the Clip Plus has?  Since this player is so new in production, there are as far as I know, being only a owner for less than 24 hours as of now, there are no cases for the clip plus…

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this would also be beneficial to my blackberry pearl 8130 which has the same type of usb port on it (its cable also fits inthe Sansa Clip+).

I would suggest, if it exists, would be a USB mini-B cover.


You can buy a 2GB Micro SD card to put in there for 8-10 dollars.

That’ll protect it, and might even be useful!

Good Luck trying to get an SD card into a USB port :slight_smile:


Veni wrote:

Good Luck trying to get an SD card into a USB port :slight_smile:



Yeah, the microSD cards are tiny, but . . . :smileyvery-happy:

LOL, i found a site for a store in texas that has them…

i ordered 5 of them and 5 of the normal USB ones so i can cover up some unused ports on my computers…

however little good it will do me now, I have to return my new sanza to the store… since I have owned it for the past 24+ hours, it has mysteriously rebooted twice and now shut off once, and isnt turning back on.

update: after fiddleing with the buttons for a good hour and a half, the player started up again after holding the power button for a minute…

thoughts on why my player is acting up?

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