can't plugin the usb cable

i can’t plugin usb cable into my sansa clip 2gb so that windows recognizes it and i can copy files. cable only goes halfway in. but it still charges batteries. i have to press cable in really hard and maybe it works sometimes. thats how i have been copying my files for the last few months. but yesterday occured another problem: my clip turns itself off after song plays for 3 seconds, especially if i move it around. is it worth taking it to service? (im not willing to pay more that 10 euros for service).

Message Edited by logicpopeye on 07-09-2010 01:04 AM

This sounds like a cable issue. Try a different one. Standard to mini-USB cables are fairly common these days; a lot of cameras and cell phones use them.

As far as repair? There are no repair services available. It simply would cost more (just for the diagnostic) than what a new player sells for. But, if it’s not the cable and it is indeed the player that is at fault, you may be able to get it replaced by SanDisk under warranty, depending on its age. If you’re in the EU, I believe the warranty may be 2 years. It’s 1 year in the States. You can contact Sandisk Tech Support for more info.