Product code is scratched and illegible. How can I find it?

My Fuze is broken, and I’d like to return it for RMA, but the product code on the back has a few characters scratched so that I can’t read them. Is there any way to find the product code by plugging the fuze into the computer (a function which still works for me)? I no longer have the original packaging, unfortunately.

The serial number is electronically coded to each device as well as on the little sticker on the back of the unit. To see it, switch your Fuze to MTP mode (Settings > System Settings > USB Mode) if it isn’t already. Connect to your computer. Open Windows Explorer. Right-click on the device and select Properties. You’ll find the serial number here.

The serial number on the Properties window, is different from the code on the back of the player. As I know RMA can still be processed as long as it’s under warranty…