Serial # Smeared Away

I just purchased my Fuze a week or so ago. Today, I was working w/it, turned the unit over and noticed what looked like white specs on the numbers. I tried to wipe w/my (just washed) finger, and the white specs turned into a white streak, completely covering the S/N.

Will I ever need that # for anything? If not, I ain’t worried. I tried wiping the word SanDisk on the back of unit, and it stays looking like it should. Don’t know what happened 2 the S/N.

you will be fine. if it is ever needed you can tell sandisk tech support what happened and they will make an exception

I’ve never heard of the serial number smearing away. If your Fuze ever screws up, and you call Sandisk, they will ask you for the number, but as drlucky said, they will probably make an exception since they have have great customer service, well, to me they have.

There’s still the internally stored serial number.  Connect the Fuze in MTP mode, right click on the device in Windows Explorer, and select properties.  The first 16 digits are the serial number stored in the device.  Though it is different than the production numbers, it does identify the Fuze.

Be sure to register your new Fuze via the SanDisk logo in the upper left, go to Support, then Register.  Should you ever run into any issues, you’ll have a record for your device.


Same thing happened to mine, it’s a refurb from newegg if that means anything. :neutral_face:

thanks Microsansa, I took your advice and registered online, using the SN found in the windows properties dialog.

Mine also smeared off.  I have a white bar there :smileyvery-happy:

I found mine too.  I think I wrote it down somewhere… guess I should make sure. :wink: