Serial # and Product #


Ive been trying to register the warranty on my sansa fuze and it requires both a serial # and product #. However, in the back of the battery area there is only one number avaliable. which number would this be and where can i find the other one .

The number on the decal on the back of the device is a batch production number that will suffice for warranty.

If you are feeling froggy, connect in MTP mode to the PC.  Find the Sansa Fuze in My Computer / Computer, and right click on the device.  Select Properties.

The device serial number is the first 16 digits of the 32 digit string.

Bob  :wink:

This doesn’t seem to be as easy on W7 64bit Pro…  Not finding any 32 digit string under any of the properties tabs.


The Fuze has not been made for many years. I doubt SanDisk will honor any warranty.