Problems with SanDisk Ultra Plus 32GB Card

Hi there,

I have problems with my SanDisk Ultra Plus 32GB Card and was hoping somebody can help. As my card was getting kind of full, I wanted to delte some picutres and videos. Everytime I click on one ore more and delete, the items will disapper, but then come back after a few seconds. I opened single items and deleted them, but they came right back as well. Yesterday I connected my Galaxy S5 to my laptop via USB and tried to transfer items from the phone to my laptop. No problem with what is on the phone itself, pictures & videos from the card did not transfer. I also tried to delete items that way, but they kept coming back. I also tried to move pictures & videos to the phone itself to transfer, but they go right back to the card. How do I get to transfer my pics & videos from the card and how do I delete them? I do not have a card reader or a slot small enough for this card on my laptop.

You might want to check and see if the card is physically locked.
On the side of the card there is a tiny dip switch than toggle the card to read-only or not.

If your still under warrenty, just get a replacement.