32gb Ultra Class10 sdhc, cant write,delete,or format, but able to copy or transfer existing files

Was using this basically new 32gb c10 ULTRA standard sdhc, after about 10gb of data the batteries on my cam died.  whilst trying to transfer files to CPU and delete, i found that the files are unable to be removed from the card. 

Unable to delete via camera or or direct SD slot on the CPU.  on the CPU you can manually delete the files from the card and they will seemingly dissapear, but after ejecting and reinserting the card, files are still present and usable.  Have tried doing this with the card switch “lock” and unlocked.

Camera says"NO SD" while card is unlucked and inserted and i am able to do nothing.  Camera can recognize card with switch in “lock” position, and tells me the amount of memory remaining, but when i try to take a photo it says “SD lock” of coarse.

Please help, trip of a lifetime tomorrow and i dont want to purchase a new card if i dont have to bc this cam/card purchase already broke me.  thanks!