SanDisk Ultra 16GB Micro SDHC

Hi. Would appreciate if someone could help me resolve my problem. I bought a SanDisk Ultra 16GB Micro SDHC for my Samsung Galaxy S4. It was working fine even after I trasnferred the files from internal memory to the SD card using the Sandisk Memory Zone downloaded from Google App Store.

Now my problem is that I can’t view anything originally from my phone’s internal memory that was trasnferred to the SD card that includes picture, videos and music. It does not prompt out in my phone (EG: I can’t view the photos in Gallery) but I can see the files are in the SD card when I explore the card.

Please aid. Thank you.

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Friend, do not grieve you, I in principle, I see no problem.
What happens, is that there are two ways to transfer files:
1- With “copy” , (from a storage medium), and “paste” (in other storage medium). And you will have two files.
2- With “cut” (delete in a storage medium), and “paste” (in other storage medium). And you will have to one file.
Then you did “cut and paste”
Well, now do _ “copy and paste” _ from the microSD, to the phone memory, and ready.
And also, do the same to the PC or other USB flash, to have a backup.


Luck, and then you tell us, what happened, please.

Regards, Alfred.                                                             (Google translated)



Thanks Alfred.

I didn’t cut and paste or copy and paste. I used OptiMem from the SanDisk memory zone app. It automatically transfer pictures, videos and songs to the SD card to minimise phone storage usage to boost the phone speed. But now I can’t view my pics or anything at all to be exact.

Anyway I tried checking the SD card on my com. My files are not there but funny thing is it’s actually invisible since half my SD card is still full. And I can view it from the SanDisk memory zone app.

What should I do?

:flushed:   Hi ,

I apologize, Shien, I made a mistake in my previous message, it inadvertently got me where I should not.

I studied the subject theoretically, and saw that unfortunately, now, I can not help, because I can not practice (I not yet have a mobile phone) with “The SanDisk Memory Zone app” , as it is for the " Android OS_"_, so you can not view the contents in Windows, which also is encrypted.

See the link:



Luck, sorry.

Regards, Alfred.                                            (Google translated)        

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all in one 4