problems with MP3s on micro sd card

Happy weeked everyone!

So, last night I attempted an 8gb Sandisk micro sd card that I use in my Samsung Impression cell phone. It had (MP3) music along with photos and a couple of videos. The Fuze Plus did not read the MP3s. However, it read the photos and videos. I took the card out. Turned OFF the Fuze Plus, inserted the card, turned on the Fuze Plus, and still the same. Weird. I then put the card back in my cell phone. It didn’t read any MP3s. I put it in my laptop. My laptop did not see any MP3s either. So, I attempted to just replace the music. I was informed the amount of space for all of the files was too small. So, the MP3s were there, just not being read. I got really frustrated and formated the card on my laptop. Added my files back onto it. My cell phone reads everything just fine. I have not attemped putting it back into the Fuze Plus.

Question, could the Fuze Plus have corrupted just the MP3s?

Any and all thoughts are really appreciated. As frustrating as this problem is, it is also quite intriguing.

How did you add the files back onto the card? Through a reader or inserted into the Fuze+?

I used the USB reader.

@rosyjazz wrote:

I used the USB reader.

Is it SDHC-compliant? Not all are.

I believeit is.

It reads:


High Speed SD/SDHC/MMC

Card Reader/Writer

I have used this a lot with my camera memory, which is also SDHC. 8gb Lexar.

Ok well, what happens when you add files to the card while it is inserted in the Fuze+?

Hi Tapeworm,

Ok. I put the card in my Fuze+ and now it is reading it. Weird. I’m not sure what happened. But all seems to be fine now. I WILL make sure I can transfer stuff from my laptop to my Fuze+ (Micro) SD Card. I will make edits in a little bit.

20 minutes later:

I am happy to report that this incident must have been a fluke. All is wroking very well.

Oh, I’d like to add:

With the card inserted, you can look at photos through the photo viewer w/o having to scroll through to the sd card. Photos will acutually show up in the folders you place them in. However, if you choose to view photos via scrolling to the sd card, the photos are jumbled, not in any particular order. And certtainly not in folders.