SD memory card

How do you know if your SD memory card is defected or corrupted??? I have an 8G SD memory  card that I use with my Fuze+ I think my SD memory card is making my Fuze+ crash? is this possible?? I reformatted the memory card  a couple of times can this affect it? not sure any help would be appreciated.

Thank you Denise

Does the Fuze+ work fine without the card mounted, but have problems when the card is mounted?

When you mention “crashing”,can you elaborate on what behavior you see? 

Bob  :dizzy_face:

well, I did exchange it for a new one, so so far it seems to be working fine I am using it without the sd card .

Crashing I mean it will stop working, not turning on or make a buzzing noise. I have already went through 5 or 6 of these things!! doing the same thing it’s nuts, My husband has the same MP3 player and no problems! I just don’t understand why this is happening! it’s really frustrating, I don’t know why they had to change the old Fuze, that one never gave me problems!

Do think SD cards can get corrupted after do long??

I have had good luck with the Fuze+, with the exception of one that had a battery suddenly refuse to hold a charge over 48 hours.  The little guy went from happy to ill almost overnight, thank goodness for the warranty.

If the Fuze+ is running OK without the card mounted, it’s possible there’s something amiss with the card, the data on it, or the reader within the Fuze+.

Other than occasional connection glitches, it is possible to have a corrupted file on the card than can “freeze” the player.  Usually, using chkdsk on the card recovers the file allocation table, and the card is once again readable.  I have tried corrupting files by transferring remnants, header data, and other bits to the cards intentionally, to see how the Sansa is affected.

Usually, if the data is valid going to the microSD card, you should be fine.  I have even exposed the little guys to some serious static discharges, using a favorite Lands’ End jacket, one that gets me every time I extract my arms from the sleeves without first taking off the earbuds.  My wife swears I’ll set my hair on fire someday, as the crackle coming from the connected Sansa is quite amusing.

The best way to test the Fuze+ is to clean the microSD connections by swapping the card in and out a few times.  This clears the contact surfaces.  Leaving a card mounted for months without removing it once in a while has caused me more grief than ones that I swap around. I think that humid pockets and lint works its way into the connection.

I agree, the Fuze+ is an entirely different machine compared against its earlier namesake.  I really like the size and shape of the original, and the soft feel of the scroll “wobble wheel”.  The only thing I didn’t like was the softer image quality of the display.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, thank goodness for the warranty,  as I have exchanged at leat 4 or 5 times  already! I am just using the internal memory for now and it is working fine! I did run a scan on the music that is on my SD card and no issues came up, so I’m thinking it’s not the music files on it, and when I add more music to it , it transfers fine, no issues, so , I don’t think  it’s the sd card either! , it might be like you said lint or dust particles get inside, I do keep it stored in an armband. I am going to try using without the sd memory card for now and see if it keeps working! wish me luck!!

Thanks for the tips. Take care,