Problems with Fuze

I have several problems with my Fuze 4 gb. 

  1. I get a fractal screen when turned on - this happens frequently - sometime it clears up after 2 or 3 resets sometimes it does not clear up.  When this fractal screen appears the fuze is locked up and can not function.

  2. I have over 300 songs on the Fuze and Windows (Vista or XP) does not see any of the music.  I can play the music when it functions but Window does not see it in explorer.

  3. With an audiobook installed the book worked well for a while then the problem occurred I selected a chapter and the Fuze would scroll through all of the chapters and stop at the 26th and final chapter and only play the last chapter. Then the book disappeared from the audiobook folder.

If I can solve these problems I will submit more.

Attempts that I have made to fix the problems. 

Installed the latest firmware.

Formatted the Fuze and reinstalled the music and books.

Any help is appreciated


#1: Return it. It’s that simple. Weird images on the screen, especially intermittent ones, fall into the “not user-serviceable” category. If you can’t, and if the unit still works after enough praying to your favorite deity, then you may have to live with it. Generally speaking, if you have the patience, “lapses” like this usually have a magic button-pushing combo to get it going again. You just have to figure out what. I call them “quirks.”

#2: Some audio players, like the Fuze, have two modes of access, MSC and MTP. Songs placed into the unit in one mode are not visible to the PC when accessed in the other mode, although the Fuze itself will see all the songs regardless of the mode used. The default mode for Windows PC is MTP. Generally speaking, MSC is the more versatile and preferred mode, since in that mode, the Fuze is just like a big USB thumb drive. Use MTP if you want to use WMP to sync, or if you have copy-protected stuff like Overdrive audiobooks or DRM’ed songs.

#3: I’ve used audiobooks, both non-DRM’ed MP3s and DRM’ed Overdrive files. They work. It’s hard to say what your audiobook issue is, since the unit itself isn’t functionally stable. Based on issue #1, the simplest route is to return it if you can.