Some Issues and how I resolved them

I bought a Fuze 4gb last xmas for my daughter.  It was not the greatest MP3 player I have seen but I do like it.  I did have a few issues with it but all were able to be figured out so I bought two more, one for me and one for my other daughter.

Here are the issues:

Frozen Screen:

  • This one is a common issue and it is all over the forums how to fix.  Usually holding the power button for several seconds (You see varying reports on how long) will turn it off even when in a frozen state.  I actually had this not work for me one time, and plugging it in to the USB cord resolved it.

Clicking on Song/Music/AudioBook the player resets:

  • This happened to me after watching a movie, pausing it and then walking away.  When I returned and tried to turn on the player it was back at my movie screen.  I tried to resume watching but it froze.  I did a reset on it, and when I came back I decided to listen to music instead.  When I clicked on ANY song it just went back to the MOVIE screen and would freeze for a while, then reset.   I resolved this by upgrading the firmware after a reset of the device.  Now the player actually asks me if I would like to start from beginning or resume playback.  No freezing or resets.

Not enough space for music DB please clear XX:

  • This actually happened to me when I attempted to use the format command on the actual player.  The reason I did that was because it had frozen up.  When I got this message I searched all over for a solution and everyone in their instructions said to run “chkdsk” from the command prompt on my player.  Well when running Check Disk it actually could not find any issues so my player still remained with the error message.  I was about to give up when I decided to just format the thing with windows.  I was on Windows Vista on the machine that I used.  I formatted with FAT partition and when I finished I restarted the device: The whole thing was back to factory.

I dropped Fuze in water / Spilled water or liquid on Fuze:

  • First of all, be more careful with your electronics.  I did not actually have this happen to me but I wanted to offer advice.  If this does happen to you DO NOT TRY TO TURN IT ON!!  If you do then you will most likely short something out.  I have experience in this from working with mobile phones for a while in the past.  Usually when someone would drop their phone in water they would try to turn it on.  Usually the ones that did, never saw that phone on ever again.  However, the ones that ‘took them apart’ as best as they could to dry them out some way had very good results.  There are multiple posts I have noticed in this board that tell you to use dry rice.  This is an excellent suggestion as the rice will absorb any of the liquid still present in the device.

P.S I am not an expert on any of the above mentioned, these are only methods that have worked for me.  I recommend calling Sansa first for help on anything, and using my suggestions at your own risk.  Good luck.