Problems with downloaded music files

I had my clip player for several weeks now and been very satisfied.  Unfortunately, I was running with it one day not looking at what buttons I was pressing and noticed once I finally got it to play the music I had downloaded the sound quality was very poor.  They music sounded very drowned out.  The radio works fine, I went and formatted the player and redownloaded the music files and still had the same problem.  Any ideas on what I did wrong.?

Did you change the Equalizer setting?

If the EQ settings were not fiddled with, as PromisedPlanet suggested, did you somehow switch the volume setting from Loud to Normal?

Is your earphone jack plugged all the way in?

Do the same files sound the same when played through your computer?

Message Edited by Tapeworm on 10-18-2008 08:51 PM