Loss of Sound Quality on Sansa Clip+?

Hi all,

I’ve noticed a change in ‘SQ’ on my Clip - suddenly I’m experiencing a certain amount of distortion and a grainy texture to the music. I’m sure it’s the Clip and not the phones. I tried re-formating using disk utility (MAC) but problem remains. Any thoughts?

I thought about updating to the latest firmware but got a bit confused - i downloaded the m300a.bin file and double-clicked it to m300a.bin.cpgz but dragging it to my Clip didn’t seem to update the firmware. I’m not sure I done that right.

Any help much appreciated.

If this is really happening and its not just something simple like your MP3s got corrupted, it sounds like a device failure. Burned out amp maybe?

You’ve got me thinking - when I re-formated the clip I first dragged all my files to my MAC and then restored them back to the Clip when finished. Maybe I should burn some fresh MP3/FLAC if there’s a chance the old files could have been corrupted. I’ll try that next.

No luck I’m afraid. Maybe my Clip is faulty. :frowning:

Good luck paying the postage back to the repair center which is half the cost of the player.