SQ Issues After Applying Firmware Update(?)

Hi All,

Hey, last night I received and downloaded the current firmware update for my Clip+, and now the SQ really seems very crappy afterwards. I’m still using the exact same (FLAC) files, with the same EQ settings selected, and even using the same headphones. But last night it sounded like ■■■■ after the update (though, granted I’ve only listened to a few brief moments of just a couple of song tracks thus far — it was late when this happened, and I needed to get to bed. I’ll try listening to some more music before completely passing judgement on this event, though).

But anyway, in the meantime does anyone here happen to know if this most recent update was supposed to have any bearing on the overall SQ of the player (either for better or for worse)?

I wonder if there is there any way to revert back to an older firware edition?

OK, after doing some digging here, I suppose the more appropriate question would be, is there a way to specifically download

Firmware Update 01.02.15

Does anyone know where a LIST of available older builds can be found within this website? My own search did not bring up this desired result.

I can’t believe no one here knows the answer

There is no sound quality difference between the different firmware updates, but updating the firmware will revert your player back to factory settings, so your personalized EQ settings are now probably different. That may account for any difference you hear.

You can indeed install any firmware version though. There’s an archive of all of them here.

OK, thanks.

Sorry for the trouble.

Glad you got the info. you needed. And keep in mind: mere mortals, not unlike you, tend to be the ones answering questions (and otherwise!) here–a less-than 2-hour wait on a Sunday holiday weekend morning probably isn’t all that uncommon . . . . :wink:

LOL — yeah, its all good.

Sorry for my impatience. But you’re absolutely right about that, though, and its very understandable :smiley: