Custom EQ Distortion Problem!

I updated from firmware 01.01.18 to 01.01.20 and now have horrible distortion using the custom equalizer.  Before the upgrade the custom EQ worked just fine.  My settings are about +8 +5 +2 +5 +8 and the sound is distorted crap.  Does anybody else notice this?

Verified it’s not my headphones or my source music (Radiohead/In Rainbows/Nude/WMA 128).  Can I put version 18 back? 

You can put the earlier version back, I believe–simply “update” to it. 

I do wonder, tho–perhaps play with your settings first?  You just may need to adjust them for the 20 firmware.

Any idea where I can fine 01.01.18 firmware?  Thanks.

I don’t believe the bin file is here anymore, but if you pm me your email, I can email it to you, if you would like (I have it in a small zip file)–

I think an archive would meet or exceed all federal standards of cool

Bob  :wink:

i have just started to get the same problem after updating my clip+ to 1.02.15, if i go on any other EQ setting than normal i get nothing but distortion. I have checked it with other headphones and still getting the same problem