Problems when backing up iPhone Camera Roll. Error: iOS Background Transfer Fault

Have Wireless Connect Stick and Connect Drive app.

Attempting to back-up camera roll, finds photos starts to back-up (0 of 401), fails to back-up, then gives error message:

Error: iOS Background Transfer Fault

Happens with iPad and iPhone.  Have up-to-date OS 9.1, and have turned off/on devices several times.

Happens with auto and manual back-up options.

What can I do next?


Hoping the answer is not the usual “It’s Apple’s fault” as is the oft reply from hardware companies.

Have noted other posts reporting similar problem (Sept 2015).

No-one seems to have posted that it is fixed; two months on!

Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app?

Deleted, switched off, re-installed, switched off, attempted to back-up (manual and automatic) on iPad, same error message.

Repeated the above for iPhone, same error message.

I can transfer files manually, no problems.

Main reason I purchased the stick was to wirelessly and automatically back-up my camera roll. Pity.

Camera roll backup is working normally for me. Can you provide the following info? hopefully we can track down what may be causing your issue. 

  1. iDevice Model and Version
  2. No Of Photos and Videos in Camera Roll
  3. Are there any slow motion videos?
  4. Are there any edited photos in Camera Roll?
  5. Has you tried the backup after changing the destination? (This is done in the camera roll backup settings)
  6. Is iCloud is turned ON or OFF?

I have that problem but also cant back up anything from iphone 6plus to stick .Weird it backs up whats whats ap pics

either says connection interupted when manually trying or ios background transfer fault on camera roll