ios Background error

Hopefully someone can help with this.

My mother is having some serious problems with the 128GB pen and the “backup photos” part of the app.

We both have identical 128gb pens and identical iPhone 5s’s.

My pen has worked perfectly since the day I got it. I open it, I open the app, my files backup. Sometimes it’s a bit slow about the deleting them aspect, but they always backup. 

My mother’s on the other hand will not backup. It starts backing up, it says “transferring file 1 of 1400”, then says “error ios background” (I think there may be more to the message, but that’s all it displays).

I’ve compared all her settings to mine, I’ve trying reinstalling the app, removing then re-enabling the permissions, there’s plenty of space on the phone and drive (2.5GB on the phone, almost the full 128GB on the pen).

I’m completely stumped as to what the error is here.

try copying the files is smaller chunks. you only have 2.5GB free on the phone. 1400 files is much larger than that. The way iOS works the files are actually copied to the clip board then transferred to the wireless storage. then the clipboard is cleared. If the files you are trying to transfer exceed the amount of free space it can cause issues with completing the transfer. manually transfer the files in smaller chunks. Once you have transferred everything over to the wireless stick the auto backup should complete as the incremental data that will be backed up should be an overall smaller amount of data. 

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