iXpand iOS Apps problem

I have bought a 128G iXpand recently and want to backup the 48 G photo/video in my iphone 5. 

There are about 5800 items in the camera roll.

My iPhone battery can only support backup about 2000 items.

When the battery is nearly used out, I stop the sync process and quite the app, recharge my iphone.

After my iphone had power again, I open the iXpand app and try continue the Sync process.

Then, the Apps in “Preparing Syncing…”, after 1-2 minutes, the App quit suddenly.

What can I do?


Cut the backup into smaller chunks so that all the files in a single transfer complete before the battery dies. then charge and repeat for the remaining files. If you have 5800 files it should take you about 3 transfer cycles. 

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how can I cut the backup into smaller chunks?

you will ahve to manually select the photos. 

I have 5500 Photo and 849 video in my iphone.

When I press the “+” button, it takes about one minutes to load the camera roll photo and video.

I just wonder if the Apps can improve in the speed.

When I use Whatsapp or other software which also load the camera roll, the speed is much much faster!

Today, I found Apps update for iXpand.

I was so excited and upgrade the Apps.

When I open the Apps, it asked me to upgrade the firmware of iXpand. So, I upgrade it.

When I go to Camera Sync, press Start Sync, it shows Prepare Sync…

After waiting “Prepare Sync” for about 2 minutes, the Apps quit itself…

i just tested with the latest app an FW update and camera sync is working properly. 

How much free space do you have in the iOS deivce? Due to iOS limitations there needs to be free space equal to the size of the data transfer. This is because in iOS the transfer is first copied to the clipboard than transferred to the external device. once the transfer is complete the clipboard is cleared freeing up that space. 

If you have sufficient space try force quitting the app and trying again. If the issue is still occurring reset your phone (turn it completely off and back on) make sure no other apps are running and try the transfer again. 

Before the Apps is upgrade, it can still backup the photo to over 2000 photo and video before my iphone is out of battery.

But now, it backup nothing, App quits before the syncing start.

I don’t know if your explanation is correct but the outcome of two versions seems quite abnormal to your explanantion.


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In the iOS settings to to General > Usage and check what the available space is listed under storage. 

Also are you able to manually transfer pictures and video? 

Is there any way to safely remove the device or like eject or it’s fine just to unplug it. I’m concerned that it would delete or corrupt the files.


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