problems transferring songs to my m240 (USB cable problem?)

Hey, I have an m240 and I have major problems when I try to transfer songs from my computer onto my player… it’s hard to explain cause English is not my first language, but whenever I plug it to the USB port of my computer, the computer detects it and it seems fine at first… then when I drag and drop a song onto the player, it’s like the player powers off and I hear the USB “plugging out” sound… then I hear the USB “plugging in” sound again, and the computer detects the player again… so I try to transfer the song and it does the same thign over and over again… and it doesn’t do that only when I try to transfer a song, sometimes I hear the USB plugging out and plugging in sounds 3-4 times in a row without me doing anything…

and because of that I can never erase a song, the player shuts off immediately…

does anybody know what’s the problem? could it be my USB cable? I know it’s not the USB ports because I use them for other things and they work fine

any help would be appreciated lol

Do you have the latest media player?  That did the same thing to me when I first got my MP3 Player, and it turned out that my Windows Player was outdated.

oh ok… but I have the latest version (Windows Media Player 11)… and I never use it with my player, so it seems like it’s not related to it… (or unless there’s a newer version of WMP out?)

thanks for the help btw

does it do the same thing on other computers?

I don’t know, I never tried, but that’s something I should try, good idea… and I should try my USB cable with another mp3 player, to see if it does the same thing

now your thinkin like a tech