My SanDisk m240 won't retrieve the songs

After getting songs from itunes and dragging them to the SanDisk icon it seams all is well, the songs are in there when I click on the icon.  However when I check the mp3 player after unplugging it, the songs aren’t added.  I have put songs on from this apple computer onto the player, I just can’t seam to remember how I did it.  But why aren’t the songs showing up on the player?  Someone help please!

yup, similar probs here.

i download alot of podcasts and i transfer them to the m240 then delete them off my hard drive. occasionally one will be good so i transfer them back off the m240 to the computer again for later listening. i have since gone back and the files appear to be corrupted as WMP will not play them and insists on not having the codec, even though i have played the original untransferred file on WMP just fine. occasionally mp3s dropped to the m240 will not appear on the screen for play once removed from the USB port.

i rang customer service and was told that what i was doing was strange, an unusual way of using it (transferring to the m240 and back) and when i also asked about maximising battery life i was offered nothing that i hadnt done ( ie turn it off, no backlight, reduce contrast ) yet I ONLY GET 4-5 hours max out of a good 900mAh rechargable battery, and less out of a standard one. less than a third of what was advertise d, and the playback cuts out without warning often losing my place in the podcast.

i wouldnt mind so much, but the shop had cheaper no name ones, that held just as much,were smaller, and recharged off the usb port, but “no” i said, sandisk have a reputation for quality and undoubtably the build will be better, and the sound quality superior. hmm, to get on here now and see posts about “you knew what you were in for”… “cheap player”… “get what you pay for” is a bit galling. now i have what is a virtually useless player which cost me $35 or 2 hours at work. for shame…