i cant get any songs off my m240...

Hey guys, i recently upgraded my computer, and with that using a different version of windows xp and windows media player 11. Since this upgrade i cant sync any of the songs from my m240 mp3 player to the pc… i cant take songs off the computer, but i cant load them on! I used to be able to simply open the sansa m240 icon through my computer and have all the songs that were on the mp3 player right there and i could cut and paste, or click and drag them to another folder… easy…
now i cant do any of that :cry:
Im trying to take the songs from the mp3 player and put them onto my usb drive… i use it for the car stereo and home theatre, pretty handy… well it was
any help here from anyone would be great!!!
Thanks everyone

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What previous Windows Media Player did you upgrade from?  Have you tried cutting/pasting/dragging/dropping using Explorer when the player is in USB mode?

Did you ever resolve this issue?  I have an m200 that is “full” but I cannot access the song list from my PC when I connect to USB port (just shows the folders, but no songs) to delete them.