problems formatting cruzer micro

PLease can some one advise thisa is the problem and what i have tried

bought new  pen placed into pc not sure why but there was docs placed on it and then the pen was removed while the process was completing; pen now comes up with this needs to be formatted its now shown as raw  not what it was i have tried

ic recovery

hire an boot software

formating it with windows as if installing new windfows

tried from device managment also

and also tried the hp software that can format thats been advised also on here

no matee what way i try i cannot format the flash pen i am now at my wits all i want is it back to it normal self so can be used or have i lost my money

thank you in advance


all help appreciated thank you

Return it to where you bought it, tell them it doesn’t work and ask them replace it. 

Do NOT tell them you screwed it up by removing it while the app was loading, they may not replace it if they know you damaged it.

Removing drives, any type, when actively being used, will almost always result in the drive being screwed up. 

hi sadlyt i was thinkning that but i cant as it has important docs on that i know if you do a recovery you can get from it

so tbh it looks like its smash and bin lol if no other ideas thank you

Hi try this… Simpe thing bro,

Format unformatable Pens