8GB Sandisk Cruzer corrupted


    I know a lot of people have had this problem, but was wondering if there was any possibkle solution other than calling the data recovery companies which charge a lot of $ to do soldering and attempt to recover data from flash.  (Around $350.00).  Windows wants to format the drive and I won’t let it unttil I try a few other options.  ANyone know if any software to attempt to uncorrupt a bad Cruzer Drive?   Thank you!

~Charlie B.

if windows is asking to format the drive there is really only 2 options.

  1. Format the drive. If format is successful you can run data recovery software on the drive and see if you can recover the data. If you do this make sure you do not do a Full format. This will make the data unrecoverable. When formatting choose quick format. This will only rewrite the file system and data should be recoverable.

  2. If format fails there is a hardware issue with the drive and you would have to send it for data recovery as software will not work with our a formatted partition. 


      Thank you for the valuable advice!  I tried your “quick format” advice on both Win 7 and Win 8.1 and Windows reports “unable to format drive.”.  Short of calling a professional data recovery company, this thing is toast due to a hardware issue as you mention.  I will remember your advice in case this happens again.  Have a good day!


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