Sandisk Cruzer Micro USB Device 8.0GB

I have a lot of work on my cruzer micro and it saying it has to be formatted, how do i get around this, or all my work will be lost

if you get that error there is one of two things wrong. 

  1. the FAT is corrupt. if this is the case formatting is the only recovery option. if format completes successfully you can try using data recovery software to recover the data

  2. the drive is bad. if yopu try to format and the format fails the drive is bad and would need to be replaced. 


Use a data recovery program to rescue you data.

Like PhotoRec or Recuva (these are for free - google for them).

Do now write, format or do any changes to the USB drive! You will just corrupt the files that can still be rescued!

Note: depending on the damage, nothing might be rescued. Just give it a try (try several programs, one might save what the other could not)

PS: Oh, only now I see how old this thread is…