Problem with winamp m3u

When I try to create palylist on Clip+ with winamp I have 2 problems:

 - when file name or folder  has not english characters it is writen in M3U as Music??? ???.flac (when creating such playlist on computer - I don’t have such problems)

 - winamp doen’t insert extended information in playlists created on clip+

If smb has such problems and can help?

PS I use MSC mode.

There ae several simple ways to create a playlist for the Clip/Clip+ or any other Sansa for that matter.  One is to Sync the music from Now Playing in your program of choice to the Clip+.  Doing this will create a *.m3u file on the player in the Playlist directory.  In MediaMonkey you can take this file and move it to the root directory of the player and it will load.  MediaMonkey has instructions for this.  OR you can use a program such as the Clip Playlist Creator to do what you are asking about.

Hope these ideas help.

Thank you for reply… But I’m interested in WinAMP. May be smb has already resolved this problem?