Clip & WinAmp won't work together!

When I’ve created a few playlists on the Clip in WinAmp, I can’t use any of them, except the first playlist I created… The Clip somehow plays the first playlist I created, instead of the other 3 or 4 playlists, I actually want to play. The “90’s playlist” suddenly contains song from ABBA…

When I create a playlist for the Clip, I use Winamp. I load the songs through Winamp and then create playlists on Winamp, under “portables”, by pressing the right button on the mouse, and then choosing “New playlist”… Then I mark the songs, right button again, and choose "send to [playlist] or something like that. It all works properly… BUT, when I select one of my playlists, it contains songs from the ONLY playlist, that works, the first playlist I created. I don’t want ONE working playlist!

Can anybody help me out of this??

WinAmp:        5.541

Sansa Clip:    V01.01.29F (Europe)

Be free to say anything…

Message Edited by Kuzzia on 08-15-2008 01:07 PM

What USB mode are you using (MTP or MSC)?  I use Winamp with both my Clip and Fuze in MSC mode and it works great.