Playlist not working

I use windows 7 pro and winamp 5.63

I copied about 10gig of music to my 16g card on the unit and 3.5g on the internal 4g.

I then used those files to drag selections into winamp to create playlists.

I have put them in the root directory of the music folder called “music” in the playlist directory etc.

Nothing works.

I did find something of interest. Winamps M3U playlist looks like this

#EXTINF:290,Supertramp - Cannonball
#EXTINF:253,Secondhand Love
Pete Townshend-Secondhand Love.mp3
#EXTINF:241,Take It on the Run
REO Speedwagon-Take It on the Run.mp3

Where in another part of the forums here it said that the m3u should look similare to the following.

\Music\Pete Townshend-Secondhand Love.mp3
\Music\REO Speedwagon-Take It on the Run.mp3

What is correct? Winamp does the top example not the bottom.

Digging I found where you can’t navigate to the playlists in the folder view. that was 98% of my problem.

The other 2% was where I was storing the playlists.
I found storing them in the playlist folder works better for me but in the root of the music folder works great too.

It’s important to store your playlists on the player. If you store them on the computer and copy them to the player, they won’t work.