Problem with Podcasts not showing up in "Podcasts"

I downloaded the following podcast and copied it in the Podcast-Folder of my Fuze. The “Genre”-Tag is also "Podcast. But the File cannot be found in “Podcasts” but in the music section of the menu with the genre “unknown”. What´s the Problem with this file?

Here is the link to it: Podcast File

I also sometimes have the problem, that podcasts are displayed in “Podcasts”-Folder, but not sorted by the album name like others. They appear in folder called “unknown”, although all ID3-Tags are filled, when I check them with MP3Tag.

I couldn´t find any differences between files that are categorized correctly and those that aren´t.

Can someone help me?

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First off… Nice podcast is that German? I speak some but not fluently, and I only catch about ever 20th word. Whats it about?  As for your issue, with the podcasts that are in the podcast folder try setting the Artist as the same… For instance one of the podcasts I get is called The Rookie Designer (about Freelance Graphic Design) I set the artist as Rookie Designer, and left album empty.  As For the one that is in your music folder, have you tried using a program to put it in the folder? I use media monkey and it will put everything in the podcast folder.

I listen to a lot of podcasts on my 8gb Fuze. These podcast MP3 files are all placed by drag and drop via File Explorer into the dedicated folder ‘PODCASTS’ in the internal memory. Regardless of ID3 tags these podcasts would all be accessible under Music > Podcasts on firmware build 01.01.15 as intended. But after upgrading the firmware to build 01.01.22 some of the same podcasts are no longer accessible via Music > Podcasts, but has to be found under Music > Artists / Albums amongst the music files placed in the ‘MUSIC’ folder. It’s about 4 out of 10 and this is of course quite annoying.

It seems that the Sansa guys in some way have implemented logic that is categorizing content by something else than the actual file location, but I haven’t found tags or filenames that do the trick, proves the case and make the ‘lost’ podcasts appear via Music > Podcasts.

For instance episode 4 and 7 of these podcasts is displayed correct, the rest is not – taking a quick look at the tags in Mp3Tag doesn’t give any clues to me (recommendable podcast btw) :


Does anyone else have a clue?

Do you use MSC or MTP when transferring the file to the Podcasts directory?

And do you put it in internal memory or on a microSD card?

When I transfer it using MTP, it appears under Podcasts if I put it in Internal Memory/Podcasts, but under Artists/Bayern 2 if I put it in External uSD Card/Podcasts.

I see it has both ID3v2.3 & ID3v1 tags. I’ve found having both sometimes causes problems. Podcasts from the BBC have only v2.3 and they work from both internal and uSD.

I put my podcasts in the audiobook folder. Much fewer problems that way.