My podcast folder is a hot mess!

I listen to many podcasts and download them primarily from iTunes and occasionally the podcasters website.  For some reason, certain podcasts end up in the “Unkown” folder lumped together.  For example, I listen to the Nutrition Diva.  10 those podcsts end up in the Unknown section while the other 10 will end up in the “Nutrition Diva” Folder. When I compare them, they all have the appropriate and sometimes identical metadata that should lump them all together.  How can I make sure that all the podcasts have their own folders so I’m not scrolling through 100 loose “unknown” episodes to find what I’m looking for?

I run a Mac 10.9.11 at home and a Microsoft Vista PC at work.

Maybe Nutrition Diva is sloppy about ID3 tags, the electronic labels in the files,  or is using a tag version the Fuze doesn’t recognize.

The “folder” you see is actually a list made from what the Fuze reads from the Artist tag in the file.  If Artist is empty, it goes to Unknown.

Standardize them yourself. Use the Windows computer and mp3tag.

Install mp3tag.  When you install, let it add itself to context menus (an option while installing).

Open mp3tag and in Tools/Options/Tags/Mpeg make the Write option ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1. 

Go to the folder of podcasts. Right click, and just below Search… you should see mp3tag. Click it, mp3tag will list the files.Highlight them all, make sure there’s correct information in Title, Artist, Album and Genre (podcasts) and Save. That will make them all ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1 and the Sansa should read them.

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Thanks for your speedy reply!  I actually already have MP3Tag downloaded to my computer and am not sure if I should uninstall and redo because I’m pretty sure I didn’t let it add itself to the context menu.

I also think I lost you where you said that I should right click on the Podcasts folder.  Whenever I add anything from the podcast folder, the entire directory is blank.  I don’t see any of my files in the explorer window in MP3Tag until they’re uploaded to the directory.

You don’t have to add it to the context menu. You can always right-click, Open with…, and browse to mp3tag. But if it were up to me, I’d reinstall, since it’s so easy.

 If you don’t have a Podcasts folder, find them wherever they are and fix them. Either fix the ones on the Fuze (if you sent them in MSC mode) or take them off, fix them and send them over again. Just make sure that the files that end up on the Fuze are fixed–don’t fix them on your computer by mistake. 

Left to its defaults, iTunes buries things deep in a sub-sub-subfolder on your computer. If you know a filename, you can search it, open containing folder, etc. Or tell iTunes (Edit/Preferences/Advanced) to put stuff where you can easily find it. 

Whoopsie, I’m a little bit slow forgive me.  I forgot to save my changes.

Works like a charm now, thanks!