Problem with Fuze+ external memory

I have a 4GB Fuze + with a 4GB Sandisk Micro SDHC card. When I put the card in (formatted to FAT32) on Windows 7, all was good- I put videos on the card, and is accessable through the player. However, when I unplug the fuze, and plug it back in at a later time (seconds or minutes or hours), the external memory no longer shows.

Everytime, I need to go to device manager, select protable devices, uninstall the sansa and then plug it back in so that it reloads the drivers- that always puts the external memory back on the map so to speak, but only until I disconnect it- then I need to repeat the steps.

Kind of a pain in the butt- can’t even recharge without it casuing it to “lose” the external memory requiring the uninstall / reinstall of the driver through device manager.

Can anyone help me???

BTW- I believe my USB setting is MTP.

Tryverifying that the Fuze+ consistently recognizes the card.  You should see it listed separately in the main menu, by sweeping over to the Card section in the main menu.  Check that it lists under Settings > Info as well.

You can check that the Fuze recognizes the card properly by trying a “hot swap”, with the device turned on and running, remove, then reinstall the card.  See that you get the “reading card” message on the screen.

Select MTP mode manually on the Fuze+ by going to Settings > USB mode before connecting, and see how things go when plugging in.  It’s possible that the device may be glitching with the Auto Detect function, switching from MSC to MTP. Hold the device in your preferred mode.

You can isolate whether there’s an MTP problem on the computer by manually selecting MSC mode, then see if Windows 7 consistently enumerates the device as two logical drives, the first one being the internal memory.

Another experiment: open Windows Media Player 12, and see that the device, after selecting MTP mode, shows up as a media device, with Internal and External memory.  You can swap between the memories via the Next Device button.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: